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bathroom interiorBathroom Interior Design

Bathroom is again a very personalized space. Once the items of the bathroom area are finalized, we must decide the tile or stone for cladding purpose. This is again a subjective issue and depends on person to person for the choice of cladding. Bathroom needs to be well defined in terms of bathroom area, hand washing, urinal (optional) and W.C (seat). The bathing area can be simple faucets and shower, or can be a cubicle. But before we start designing your bathroom, we need to know some details about the bathroom area and fixtures & your budget. The type of washbasin, with or without counter, window area (existing) & expected is also very important. After getting the details of your current space, we need to know more about your choice of tiles and stones, and the type of fixtures you have selected for your new bathroom.
The more we know your choice the better solution we can give you.

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