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interior designSpace Morphosis’s Interior Designs

Interior designing is inevitably the most important aspect of living a good organised life. It has to be everywhere and should be such that it organised everything and everyone. Similarly the place or space one lives in needs to be designed to make one relish it and feel good. We at Space Morphosis know the importance of your space and money, since we keep on designing a number of spaces 24*7; we know exactly how much punch has to be given to a space. A good interior designing creates an artistic and technical solution within structural limitations of the space that are functional, attractive and beneficial to occupants and quality of their life. We put it in the form of images which convey the entire attitude of design.

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bedroom interiorBedroom Interior Design

Bedroom is a place which has to be designed well that it gets with your lifestyle; rather it should define your style. It is not just a space to sleep but also a place where you can do your own things, “ultimate privacy”. Bedroom should be cozy and still look spacious all the time, At Space Morphosis we will help you to design your bedroom interior look perfect, but for that we must have a proper “Feedback”, a design criteria from your end like you need to tell us your preferred style, whether you need us to add cupboards, sitting (if any), T.V. console, carpet, rug, bay window, kind of curtain, etc. Good photographs are a must for us as they can be reproduced by us at Space Morphosis with your design requirement. Then a simple requirement of whether you need a sober and suttle colour/design or you would require a more contrasting design with sharp and strong colours can change the world of your bedroom. Then we can shape all into a very pretty bedroom as per your dreams.

bedroom 1867

bedroom 1868

bedroom 1869

bedroom 1870

bedroom 1871

bedroom 1872

bedroom 1873

bedroom 1874

bedroom 1875

bedroom 1876

bedroom 1877

bedroom 1878

bedroom 217

bedroom 219

bedroom 220

bedroom 223

bedroom 224

bedroom 225

bedroom 226

bedroom 228

bedroom 218

bedroom 229

bedroom 230

bedroom 232

bedroom 233

bedroom 234

bathroom interiorBathroom Interior Design

Bathroom is again a very personalized space. Once the items of the bathroom area are finalized, we must decide the tile or stone for cladding purpose. This is again a subjective issue and depends on person to person for the choice of cladding. Bathroom needs to be well defined in terms of bathroom area, hand washing, urinal (optional) and W.C (seat). The bathing area can be simple faucets and shower, or can be a cubicle. But before we start designing your bathroom, we need to know some details about the bathroom area and fixtures & your budget. The type of washbasin, with or without counter, window area (existing) & expected is also very important. After getting the details of your current space, we need to know more about your choice of tiles and stones, and the type of fixtures you have selected for your new bathroom.
The more we know your choice the better solution we can give you.

bathroom 1883

bathroom 1884

bathroom 1885

bathroom 1886

bathroom 1887

bathroom 1888

bathroom 97

bathroom 96

bathroom 86

bathroom 87

bathroom 89

bathroom 90

bathroom 99

bathroom 100

bathroom 104

bathroom 105

bathroom 107

bathroom 108

bathroom 109

bathroom 110

bathroom 112

living room interiorLiving Room Interior Design

Living room is a room which is a bit of semi-private in nature as it turns into a family get together room. So it has to be designed by a style which might dominate over the style of the entire family. At Space Morphosis, it is our speciality to deal with various kinds of living rooms with various kinds of requirements, and to achieve the best for our client. We want a well detailed requirement structure and style from you, and then it would be better if we know the kind of curtains, the colour of walls and kind of furniture you want. The will give us ample ammunition to design a world class living room for you. The more detailed requirement you give, the better result we may give

living-room 1890

living-room 1891

living-room 1892

living-room 1893

living-room 1894

living-room 1895

living-room 62

living-room 63

living-room 64

living-room 65

living-room 66

living-room 70

living-room 71

drawing room interiorDrawing Room Interior Design

Drawing room represents you to your guest. This is the most public space of your house. It is that space style, your status etc. even the neatness with which it is maintained is something very important, thus maintenance factor comes into play at the time of designing of the drawing room. As we see movies, television serials, we mostly happen to see the living room/drawing room, because most of the action there. Then we tend to fantasise about this space more than any other area. The requirement list from you has to be very clear and the amount of light/window needs to be known to us (very important). At Space Morphosis we have to do justice to all the above things. We have to design your drawing room interior as per your style, keep it simple also for maintenance, cost effective, and should be your dream space.

drawing-room 1899

drawing-room 1900

drawing-room 48

drawing-room 49

drawing-room 50

drawing-room 51

drawing-room 52

drawing-room 53

drawing-room 55

drawing-room 54

Office Interior Designsoffice interior

Interiors for offices are a different kind of a challenge. It has its own boundations of budget, design style, usage, anthropometrics, etc. we have to keep everything in mind to get a beautiful, workable design. The requirements need to be very specific in this case as they keep changing from one office to another.

office-interiors 1634

office-interiors 1635

office-interiors 1636

office-interiors 1637

office-interiors 1638

office-interiors 1639

office-interiors 1640

office-interiors 1642

office-interiors 1643

office-interiors 1644

office-interiors 1645