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What is Spacemorphosis?

Spacemorphosis is an online 3D interior & Exterior design company, providing design services for residential and commercial spaces. Spacemorphosis designs as per your requirement, i.e., style wise & budget wise. When you purchase a Spacemorphosis Design Package you have access to our talented team of professional designers .We design everything and put it in 3d presentation.

How is Spacemorphosis different from other 3d interior design services?

We offer design services entirely online, which means you can get your space designed from the comfort of your home by just using your mobile phone or computer. It’s easy, affordable and entirely online . For interior designing, simply select your interior design style with our Spacemorphosis style quiz. Select and purchase a Spacemorphosis Design Package starting at a flat fee of Rs 8000. There are no hidden expenses. After placing your order and giving all the inputs of the concerned space, we will put our designers on job. Once, they are through with the design, they will engaged 3d-visualisers on the job. Now this process can take upto a week’s time. We are here to help you fall in love with your home again. Give us a try. We think you will be glad you did.

What if i don’t like the design?

We would love to give you refund, but unfortunately we don’t have any such policy as it becomes a problem for the company. If there is some dispute on the final design, we will be glad to intervene and help you resolve it.

I have a combined space. How do you define a room under an open-concept space?

We are sure this would be confusing! When there is combined space, each area you want to design will be considered as a separate room . For example, if you have a combined dining/living area, and you want to design and furnish both the spaces, then it is considered as two rooms. You will be charged for two rooms but in case you opt to designed only the living area, you will be charged for only one room.

I have a huge hall that needs to be designed, will that be considered as a single room?

As per our norms, a space can be treated as a single room only if its less than 300 sqft. For example, if your hall is 900 sqft, it will be considered as 3 rooms

Why should I use Spacemorphosis?

Spacemorphosis allows you to control the entire design process, right from setting your budget; whether you want to spend Rs. 50,000 or Rs. 5,00,000 on a room; whether you want to retain or remove some of your existing furniture, our designers will work within your budget and specifications to create a space that you love.

How do I contact my designer?

The entire design process is completely online – you can easily track your correspondence and interaction with your designers on our online platform.