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About Space Morphosis

Space Morphosis is an online 3D interior design company, providing design services for residential and commercial spaces. Space Morphosis designs as per your requirement, i.e., style wise & budget wise. When you purchase a Space Morphosis design package you have access to our talented team of professional designers. We design everything and put it in 3d presentation.

The Way We Work At Space Morphosis

Multidisciplinary Approach

We at Space Morphosis seek new challenges and look at every design opportunity with a beginner’s mind. This approach of getting involved in various kinds of projects across disciplines help in cross fertilisation of ideas. Learning from one situation, context and type can be applied elsewhere, usually with surprising result. At times we at Space Morphosis also use a heavy handed approach, whereby we expect some knee-jerk reactions.


The client is not someone to speak down to. We believe in knowing the fundamental, stated or unstated needs of the client from which great insights can be gained. Minimal details from our clients and experiencing/feelings the client’s life or work and collecting mounds of data that can be mined for nuggets of inspiration. The client is made a partner in design creation from the beginning. A lot of clients today are self-aware and world-aware and it is important to tab that resource to the maximum. We at Space Morphosis do ensure to learn buy in from them all at the very beginning.


Any construct, be it interiors or architecture, is finally a product. This needs to be delivered at expected quality standards, within specified time frame and budget. The reality of construction agencies leaves a lot to be desired. Many of our clients now insist that we at Space Morphosis as designers take singular responsibility for the design as well as delivery of the project. But we endeavour to have our presentation quality has to be so much free from practical errors, and the contractors should be able to work taking help from our 3d presentation drawings.

Shelf Life

Designing for obsolescence is not such a bad thing anymore. Built to last is pointless when customer preferences change rapidly and consequently, trends shift. Nimble footedness and ability to embrace change are preferred over timelessness. Our work responds to that. Today, everyone wants an early change, so we at Space Morphosis try to keep in present day fashion and don’t expect the design to last for generations.


We at Space Morphosis try to learn from everywhere, our studio is connected with the latest and the best anywhere. Enabled by information technology, ideas travel across the globe at dizzying speeds. Many of these hit us and we ensure in time application. Interconnectivity within a globalised design community is a reality. However, global vision stays anchored to local context; we at Space Morphosis draw from local cues as much. It is this ability to marry local to global that in some ways defines our work.


Why fix it if ain’t broken? Does not work anymore. If something has been done in a certain way for long, it probably needs a re-think. Challenging prior notions and truisms can open up possibilities in design. We at Space Morphosis question everything, program sheets from clients, and try deliberately to change from routine, accepted standards, styles, trends, even us! By forcing ourselves to think out of box, we flip ideas on their head and come up with solutions that are surprisingly different. Inventive thinking is here to stay.